Funded Projects : Innovative, Environmental & Economic Rice Waste Management
Funding Authority  
Research Entity
National Research Centre (Egypt)
Institute of Polymer Technology (Germany)
Univerite Henri Pioncaire, Nancy (France)
Principal Investigator

Dr. Amr Helal

Contract Number
EURO 146770

Rice waste management may be used wither in incorporation into natural fibrer plastic composite (NFPC) or active carbon (AC) production.

NFPC is a technology adopted by developed countries in an attempt to produce a cost effective, high quality and eco-friendly product. Mixing natural fibers with plastic polymers decreases the consumption of plastic by replacement with up to 60%  with a material of low economic value conveying to the end product new acquired properties and higher quality with no additional production costs.

With the pilot scale and the technology gained, Egypt can make use of large quantities of agricultural wastes in the NFPC production, benefiting several market applications (marine decking, fencing, furniture and consumer goods industries)

AC has an established market in Egypt in the field of waste water treatment, sugar refinery and paint industries. This project was able to develop an innovative technique for converting Rice Husk into Active Carbon by physical and chemical pretreatment procedures in one pilot unit. This technique was able to produce Active Carbon with low ash content and large surface area.

The project's aspects set the basis for new industries that will benefit rice growers and mill operators.